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Visson, Mission and Value

The Centre of Excellence for Fundamental Studies in Structural Engineering was formed to help students increase their existing potentials and fulfill the aims and goals of the Fifth National Social-Economical-Cultural Programs.  The center's objectives include:

  • To expand the borders of knowledge in the filed of structural mechanics.
  • To promote methods available for the design of complex and large-scale structures by developing new and efficient techniques for optimal structure designs.
  • To expand and develop efficient methods for conceptual structure analysis, including space structures and finite element methods.
  • To develop special computer codes for optimal analysis and design of structures.
  • To expand the applications of topology and graph theory in civil engineering.
  • To create a pleasant atmosphere for academic collaboration in national and international levels.
  • To train capable M.Sc. and Ph.D. students as academicians for future universities.
  • To arrange seminars in national and international levels to present the new findings in the field of structural mechanics.
  • To encourage university - industry collaborations.
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