cefsse- Art 2009
Art 2009-Saka

Clear images and colors
  1. Hasancebi O, Carbas S. and Dogan E, Performance evaluation of metaheuristic search techniques in the optimum design of real size pin jointed structures , Computers & Structures, Nos. 5-6, 87(2009) 284-30.
  2. Saka MP. and Erdal F, Harmony search based algorithm for the optimum design of grillage systems to LRFD-AISC , Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, No. 1, 38(2009) 25-41.
  3. Saka MP, Optimum design of steel sway frames to BS5950 using harmony search algorithm , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, No. 1, 65(2009) 36-43.
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