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Art 2009-Baziar

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  1. Kermani E, Jafarian Y. and Baziar MH, New Predictive Models for the nu(max)/a(max) Ratio of Strong Ground Motions using Genetic Programming, International Journal of Civil Engineering, No. 4, 7(2009) 236-247.
    Baziar MH, Salemi SH. and Merrifield CM, Dynamic centrifuge model tests on asphalt-concrete core dams  Geotechnique, No. 9, 59(2009) 763-771.
  2. Baziar MH, Ghorbani A. and Katzenbach R, Small-Scale Model Test and Three-Dimensional Analysis of Pile-Raft Foundation on Medium-Dense Sand, International Journal of Civil Engineering, No. 3, 7(2009) 170-175.
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