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Objectives of the CEFSSE

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Some of the main topics developed in the last five years are as follows:

  1. Symmetry and regularity of structures: In this relation special attention is paid to canonical forms and graph products. The developed methods enable the analysts and designers to deal with large-scale models using their generators. This also makes an efficient configuration processing of the space structures and finite element models feasible.
  2. Eigensolution of symmetric structures: The newly developed concepts simplify the eigensolution of symmetric frame structures. Thus the vibration analysis, forced vibration, and stability analysis of structures are simplified to a great extent.
  3. Group theory for symmetry: Group theory is the language of symmetry applied to chemistry and physics. Using concepts of group theory simplify the analysis, design and optimal design of space structures and finite element models. Many such applications are made in our center.
  4. Modern tools for optimization: Such as genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, bee colony, harmonic search, Big Bang-Big Crunch, Charged System Search provide powerful tools for optimal analysis and optimal design of systems and in particular structures.
  5. Optimal analysis of structures: Analysis is called optimal if the structural matrices used in the analysis are sparse, well-structured and well-conditioned.
  6. Studies on earthquake engineering consisting of seismic hazard analysis, random vibration and nonlinear dynamic problems.
  7. Optimal design of structures via meta-heuristic algoithms such as genetic algorithem, particle swarm optimization, ant clony optimization; hormonic search method and hybrid forms of these methods. Recently a new method is added this collection known as the charged system search method. Theses algorithms are qpplied to large scale trusses, frames, grids, domes and other types of space structures.
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