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  • Predictioin of horizontal peak ground and spectral accelerations using genetic and imperialist competitive algorithms (A. Bagheri, G. Ghodrati Amiri and M. Khorasani)
  • Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of Sanandaj, Iran (G. Ghodrati Amiri, K. Andisheh and S.A. Rezavian Amrei).
  • Ground-motion prediction equations of spectral ordinates and arias intensity for Iran (G. Ghodrati Amiri, M. Khorasani, R. Mirza Hessabi and S.A. Razavian Amrei).
  • Vibration-based damage identification of plate structures via curvelet transform (A. Bagheri, G. Ghodrati Amiri, S.A. Seyed Razzaghi).
  • Simulation of earthquake records using combination of wavelet analysis and non-stationary Kanai-Tajimi model (G. Ghodrati Amiri, A. Bagheri).
  • Effectiveness of modified pushover analysis procedure for the estimation of seismic demands of buildings subjected to near-fault earthquakes having forward directivity (A. Mortezaei, H.R. Ronagh, A. Kheyroddin and G. Ghodrati Amiri).
  • Generation of multiple earthquake accelerograms compatible with spectrum via the wavelet packet transform and stochastic neural networks (G. Ghodrati Amiri, A. Bagheri and S.A. Seyed Razaghi).
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